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We are located “off the tracks” in downtown Greeley, at 625 3rd Street, Unit D.

Growler Fills
Except for small batch beers, we will fill all of our beers in any clean 25 oz, 32 oz, or 64 oz growler. Empty Wiley Roots glass growlers cost $6. Growler (64 oz) refill prices range from $12-$35 based on the beer. We will fill growlers from other breweries.

We will fill crowlers of any of our beers on tap.

If you’re having a party or event and would like to have Wiley Roots on tap for your guests’ libations, please visit our taproom keg sales page here.

We have food trucks during the spring and summer months. Guests are welcome to bring in any outside food. There are a variety of restaurants that deliver to the Wiley Roots location.

Leashed pets are welcome on the patio.

Tours are available by reservation for parties of 10 or more. Tours are free. Please contact info@wileyrootsbrewing.com to schedule a tour.

Private Parties/Large Groups
The main seating area in the taproom and patio area is considered first come first serve. Any alterations to the taproom space must be pre-approved. For rates and information on reserving our taproom for private parties please contact info@wileyrootsbrewing.com.

A Note About Our Taproom and Employee Tips
Wiley Roots operates a taproom so that our customers can experience our culture and our beers first hand from the source, as fresh as possible while gaining insight into our process and philosophy. Simply stated: OUR TAPROOM IS NOT A BAR.

We don’t serve mixed drinks or cocktails, nor do we serve wine. We don’t have a kitchen, but the occasional food truck will be on-site for your enjoyment and we do have a few snack options available. Outside food is always welcome. We don’t have drink specials, nor do we regularly show sports in the taproom. THE BEER WE MAKE IS OUR FOCAL POINT AND OUR PASSION.

In reverence of these dynamics, our taproom co-workers do not receive tips from taproom patrons. The following factors were observed early in the operation of the taproom within our market, and have influenced this decision:

• Our taproom co-workers are compensated the same, whether they’re working a slower Wednesday afternoon or a slammed Saturday evening.

• Our taproom co-workers’ ability to make a living isn’t dependent upon sales for a small (but growing) brewery in a nondescript business park.

• Many of our co-workers come to us with no industry experience and have begun their career in the craft beer industry at Wiley Roots. A large number of these individuals are looking for production related roles; however, we cannot with good conscience put co-workers in a position where they could get hurt or compromise the quality of our product based upon a lack of experience. Working in the Wiley Roots taproom gives co-workers a foot in the door, and paying a fair hourly wage from the beginning of their career with us helps to remove any strain on the individual or the business as co-workers shift roles over time.

• Lastly, we want to remove any financial incentive for taproom co-workers to over serve patrons. We sell ONE AND ONLY ONE product through the taproom, and compromising our taproom license could result in freezing our sales through wholesale channels as well.

While taproom co-workers do not receive tips collected in the taproom, we do accept tips and gratuities to support our larger philosophy and strategy when the service warrants. If you feel you have had an exceptional experience at Wiley Roots, we would love to hear about the experience, and if a specific person contributed to that experience. We reward our staff that go above and beyond in a myriad of ways: spot bonuses, industry conferences and events, brewery trips, beer from some of their favorite breweries, meals, concert tickets, and the list goes on! Shoot us an email at info@wileyrootsbrewing.com and tell us about your experience.

Tips for exceptional service do however contribute to a couple of key initiatives at Wiley Roots: 1) tips are used to support paying taproom staff an elevated hourly rate above minimum wage, and 2) tips support our charitable giving efforts and assist in covering “in-kind” donations to festivals and events put on by non-profits.

It’s important to note that we don’t simply hand cash over to non-profits, but rather we partner with non-profits to assist in executing their events, creating longer lasting synergies and relationships, and opportunities for our co-workers to attend events that they otherwise wouldn’t get to attend (nor get paid to attend).