Beer List

  • Carousel Blood Orange Göse

    This contemporary Göse features blood oranges, sea salt & coriander for a tart and refreshing beer.

  • William: Scottish Wee Heavy

    William has a rich, malty and slightly sweet backbone that blends with aromatic smoky and raisin notes. A seemingly straightforward sweetness quickly dives into a deeper more complex finish with secondary malt and robust plum notes that provide a depth and character that pair well for this traditional Scottish-style Wee Heavy.

  • Red Dirt

    Red Dirt Imperial Red pays homage to one of our favorite styles of music: Red Dirt Country Music. This beer accentuates the robust caramel maltiness of an American Red, combined with punchy citrus notes contributed by West Coast hop varieties.

  • Midnight on the Run

    An Imperial version of our Deep Roots Chocolate Porter that is elevated in both taste and strength. While Midnight on the Run is brewed with malts that create a roasty and dark chocolate fullness, we go a step further by aging this beer on Cacao Nibs in order to create an increased level of chocolatey complexity and depth. This beer is made for only the most dedicated of chocolate lovers.

  • Apumpalyptica

    An Imperial Pumpkin Ale brewed with locally grown pumpkins and choice spices that showcase the perfect balance between slightly sweet maltiness and alcohol warmth.

  • Red Wiley

    Red Wiley combines a slightly roasted caramel sweetness with an accentuated American hop profile. Finishes with notes reminiscent of stone fruit.

  • Off the Tracks IPA

    Off the Tracks is a crisp and hop-forward IPA that from the addition of five different hop varieties creates a beer that is citrusy and refreshing.

  • Deep Roots Chocolate Porter

    Colorado State Fair Bronze Medal 2014
    Deep Roots is a full-bodied, robust porter that combines chocolatey malt sweetness with subtle roasted caramel notes. A slight hop bitterness lingers in the finish.

  • Super 77 Wheat

    2015 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal
    2013 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal
    An easy drinking, slightly fruity wheat beer. Finishes clean, and somewhat dry, but has enough body to leave a lingering hint of cereal wheat.